Starter kit Keykeg

Our coupler starter kit offer everything you need to tap your favourite beverages out of your Keykeg. Our startsets are delivered including everything you need to tap your drinks. Our couplers are uniquely designed by Keykeg to offer a long lasting protection for your beverages. The KeyKeg dispensing head that comes with the starter kit is a GR type fitting specially modified for the two-compartment KeyKeg system. It makes our one-way kegs fit any dispensing system perfectly, and it’s easy to order through the KeyKeg Shop.

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Keykeg coper coupler
Keykeg fitting

Choose the right coupler for you

It is important that you use the correct coupler for your Keykeg. Thats why you always need to check if you're ordering the right size. Not sure which one you need? make sure to contact us and we will support you in choosing the right size coupler.

Ultimate design

Every detail of the KeyKeg system has been developed based on observation and listening to customer feedback. We, along with hundreds of our customers, have tested and perfected the KeyKeg family in practice. The unique Keykeg-design offers many benefits. Our GR-type couplers are specially designed to fit two compartment systems from Keykeg. Order your Coupler startset today.

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